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Great Divide
Roosville- the border! This means several things ­we have moved on to the next Adventure Cycling map, people will stop saying "eh" at the end of their sentences, and alcohol will be available in grocery stores again (EDIT­ apparently in Montana there are strange alcohol laws and it is sold in separate stores just like in Canada).

Ben and I file in line behind all the cars to pass through customs. I am extremely unprepared for this big event and my passport is buried deep in my handlebar bag which I packed so meticulously that morning. I am not getting it out. Ben insists that I need a passport to cross the border, but I refuse to dig through my pack. When it is our turn to pass through, the customs officer asks to see our passports. Ben obediently shows his, and I provide my California driver's license which looks fake since my picture looks like I was electrocuted. The officer asks if I have a passport. I explain that it is buried in my pack, and he stares at our bikes. He oggles the Blackburn packs, and admires my solar panel. "Where are you two biking from?" he asks. "Banff, Canada, and I'm going to the Mexican border!" I exclaim. I describe the Great Divide to him, and he is fascinated. We speak in Spanish, I tell him about my high school, and Ben rolls his eyes. My plan is a success­ he lets us go through and I don't have to unfasten a single buckle for that silly paper booklet. On to America!


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