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Underway The start was faster and more furious than I anticipated. But I guess 130 racers who've each spent countless hours preparing, training and thinking about the Great Divide are bound to have some nervous energy when the start finally comes. And it couldn't come quickly enough for my liking. At 8am we were off, blasting down a nice wide gravel path with undulations.

I rode near the front for some time before realizing that many of the riders pushing the pace were aiming to finish up to five or six days faster than me. Eventually I settled into a more sustainable rhythm. But that didn't keep me from throwing up nine miles into an event that is 2,750 miles long. An inauspicious beginning.

I had eaten a delicious bagel with egg, bacon and cheese on it before the start. Gluten and I don't get along but I figured that I'd have to eat some bread along the way during the race and no other good options were available. Alas, I rallied and managed to make it 140 miles on the first day, camping next to the road (and some very noisy active train tracks) outside of Sparwood on day one. My Tour Divide was underway!


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Nick Legan

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Nick Legan
  • What was the genesis moment or inspiration for your upcoming adventure? Have you traveled by bike in the past? I grew up racing bicycles and after growing weary of criteriums, intervals, heart rate and power output numbers, I started looking for new cycling adventures. The Dirty Kanza 200 opened my eyes to my own ability to ride distances farther than I had previously attempted. With encouragement from friends at Salsa, QBP, and my wonderfully supportive girlfriend, I decided to take on the Great Divide Route. Now I’ll see how much further I can take my cycling.
  • What is your goal for the route? What do you hope to get out of this journey? It’s easy to reply with a number. My goal is to finish in 20 days. But more important to me is how I spend those days. I’d like to find moments for introspection, reflection, projection and hopefully find moments to just be.


  • Warm Gloves DeFeet Woolie gloves
  • DOWN JACKET Patagonia Ultralight down jacket with hood
  • Warm Gloves DeFeet Woolie gloves
  • SPOT TRACKER Spot tracker (great insurance policy)

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