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Being there Three states in the same day! It was an amazing feeling to finally exit Montana and all its beautiful brutality. Idaho was just as beautiful and just as tough, though much shorter. The rails-trails section is what really defines the Great Divide route portion in Idaho for me. It’s a beast. Relatively flat, but with washboarded, loose, sandy doubletrack, it can kill any enthusiasm you may have at the start. Thankfully, it was dry when I passed through despite a fine mist that fell as I began the section.

I listened to several “HowStuffWorks” podcasts as I made my way along the trail here. It was cool learning about Jim Bowie, his exploits and the knives that bear his name, among other subjects.

The riding was technical enough that I didn’t want to take a hand off the bars for a drink or a nibble. A fall is always something best avoided, especially on such a long ride. But this meant that I could stop for quick rest breaks for food, drink and looking around. Tough sections are fantastic for the physical challenges they present, but I find that I’m often so focused on getting through them that I forget to pause and look around.

Some of the most beautiful places I remember were during this short stretch. I managed to take a couple photos, but memories can be much more dynamic than any photo can capture. There’s nothing like being there.


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Nick Legan
  • What was the genesis moment or inspiration for your upcoming adventure? Have you traveled by bike in the past? I grew up racing bicycles and after growing weary of criteriums, intervals, heart rate and power output numbers, I started looking for new cycling adventures. The Dirty Kanza 200 opened my eyes to my own ability to ride distances farther than I had previously attempted. With encouragement from friends at Salsa, QBP, and my wonderfully supportive girlfriend, I decided to take on the Great Divide Route. Now I’ll see how much further I can take my cycling.
  • What is your goal for the route? What do you hope to get out of this journey? It’s easy to reply with a number. My goal is to finish in 20 days. But more important to me is how I spend those days. I’d like to find moments for introspection, reflection, projection and hopefully find moments to just be.


  • Warm Gloves DeFeet Woolie gloves
  • DOWN JACKET Patagonia Ultralight down jacket with hood
  • Warm Gloves DeFeet Woolie gloves
  • SPOT TRACKER Spot tracker (great insurance policy)

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