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The puddle Many, many things occurred over the course of the 286.6 miles from Seeley Lake to Polaris, Montana, but only one of them really stands out: The puddle.

It wasn’t anything special to look at. In fact, that’s exactly how I got into trouble; I underestimated that particular pooling of water and it got the better of me. Leaving Helena I had climbed and climbed dirt roads eventually finding myself on a doubletrack/ATV trail heading up Lava Mountain. I was listening to an audiobook, alone with my thoughts and happy with the progress I was making. My trail friends were ahead and behind me.

I had already ridden through or around many puddles that day. This one had tracks to the left side. So without thinking to test its depth I rolled into it, my front wheel quickly sinking into a seemingly bottomless, brown quagmire. Now unstable, I fell to my right, completely submerging myself and half my bike in what smelled like a fermented vat of wildlife excrement. It wasn’t a warm morning and the water was so cold that it took my breath away. Jumping up as quickly as possible, I assessed my situation. I was soaked, along with all my clothes, including those that I had removed and put into my jersey pockets.

I rolled up the trail, leaned my bike against a tree and stripped off my gloves, jersey, arm warmers and base layer. I dug into my seat pack, happy that I stored my extra clothing in dry bags, and pulled out a long sleeve wool undershirt, a wool beanie and my rain jacket. With a pile of wet clothes at my feet, I laid out my wind jacket and rolled everything inside it, then strapped it to my seat pack. Coincidentally, I had done laundry for the first time the night before. Looked like I’d be doing it again; it smelled horrible!

As I remounted my bike, relatively dry and happy with my backup clothes, I smiled. I had everything I needed: clothes, food, water, shelter and a bit of energy.


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Nick Legan

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Nick Legan
  • What was the genesis moment or inspiration for your upcoming adventure? Have you traveled by bike in the past? I grew up racing bicycles and after growing weary of criteriums, intervals, heart rate and power output numbers, I started looking for new cycling adventures. The Dirty Kanza 200 opened my eyes to my own ability to ride distances farther than I had previously attempted. With encouragement from friends at Salsa, QBP, and my wonderfully supportive girlfriend, I decided to take on the Great Divide Route. Now I’ll see how much further I can take my cycling.
  • What is your goal for the route? What do you hope to get out of this journey? It’s easy to reply with a number. My goal is to finish in 20 days. But more important to me is how I spend those days. I’d like to find moments for introspection, reflection, projection and hopefully find moments to just be.


  • Warm Gloves DeFeet Woolie gloves
  • DOWN JACKET Patagonia Ultralight down jacket with hood
  • Warm Gloves DeFeet Woolie gloves
  • SPOT TRACKER Spot tracker (great insurance policy)

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