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Bicycle Tour-ist It seems tome that if we cyclists don’t stop to look around while passing through an area,we are just like the cars whizzing by, just working harder at it.  That iswhy I would say I am a bicycle tour-ist. I carry my camping gear, change ofclothes and food for the day on my bike as I take in the scenic wonders andpoints of interest along the way.

In additionto seeing the sights, I am getting to know the geography and topography of the PacificCoast in a way that I will remember. There are so many impressions as the milesroll by; the build up of heat generated to get up thesteeper hills then the cold rush of the descent, the smooth focus in pedalingover the flats, the changing landscape of shrubs, then trees or open fields,will the next turn in the road bring a glimpse of a visual highlight?

Ormaybe it is the fleeting smell of freshly cut timber carried by the passinglogging truck that catches my attention. Should I feel guilty? Other notables includethe Oregon Dunes National Recreation Area. I know I have looked at a map ofOregon but it really never sunk in how large the Dunes are until I rode throughthem.

Inever realized that the Southern Oregon coastline had so many picturesque seastacks, arches and isolated sandy coves. Because of the pace on a bike you readand think about every sign. I now know that there is a small botanical parkdedicated to the California Pitcher plant. I have found traveling state campgroundto state campground is also helping to give more awareness to the location I ampassing through. It is a wonderful way to appreciate the area’s natural beauty,learn what makes the area special and get a hot shower. I highly recommend it.



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Carrie Suriano

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Carrie Suriano
  • What was the genesis moment or inspiration for your upcoming adventure? The inspiration came from a reach out by a friend via Facebook. She put the idea out there, I spoke with Nick (the head Ranger) and the desire for a long bike adventure has taken hold of me.
  • What is your goal for the route? My goal is to turn the pedals enough times to get me from Canada to Mexico. My goal is to have fun riding my road bike and to make biking an even more integrated part of my transportation/vacation choices. I am signed up for Cycle Oregon in September, a supported 505 miles. This will be excellent training.
  • Have you traveled by bike in the past? I have done two short trips by bike. My first trip was a solo adventure in New Zealand. I rode along the west coast of the South Island, around 389 miles. The road was pretty much quiet and the places I stayed either empty or full of group travelers. My second trip was more of an urban ride--I rode from Portland to Bend which is around 180 miles. Both trips I camped and in New Zealand I also stayed in backpacker hostels.
  • What do you hope to get out of this journey? I hope to wake up somewhere refreshing, like in a campground near the ocean, many times over. I look forward to getting away from habits and exploring my "local" area in an intimate physical way. And I look forward to simply being responsible for myself and the spontaneity and routine that I will find in that. I look forward to meeting people and hearing their journey of choices along the way.

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