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Sweat it "Don't sweat it. " is not the mantra for this vacation. I'll start a new campaign "sweat it." I read this description in the cycle guide book, "every day many cyclists sweat their way up the steep climb to the top of Mt Constitution" on Orcas Island. That description helped give me all the incentive I needed and I'd say I did just that. I was greatly rewarded with a stunning almost 360 view of the surrounding waters, mountain ranges, other islands, mainland Canada and Washington. 
There will be many hundreds of hills between me and my goal destination of the Mexico border. I can't get anxious about this. I will embrace the moment, embrace the sweat knowing many have succeeded before me. Then of course at the end of the day I will make sure to have quarters for the coin operated showers at the campground. They rinse all the effort away and leave me with the good memories of sweet breezes, shade giving trees, renewing views of water, high peaks, rural pastures and the many birds and deer I see along the route each day.


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Carrie Suriano

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Carrie Suriano
  • What was the genesis moment or inspiration for your upcoming adventure? The inspiration came from a reach out by a friend via Facebook. She put the idea out there, I spoke with Nick (the head Ranger) and the desire for a long bike adventure has taken hold of me.
  • What is your goal for the route? My goal is to turn the pedals enough times to get me from Canada to Mexico. My goal is to have fun riding my road bike and to make biking an even more integrated part of my transportation/vacation choices. I am signed up for Cycle Oregon in September, a supported 505 miles. This will be excellent training.
  • Have you traveled by bike in the past? I have done two short trips by bike. My first trip was a solo adventure in New Zealand. I rode along the west coast of the South Island, around 389 miles. The road was pretty much quiet and the places I stayed either empty or full of group travelers. My second trip was more of an urban ride--I rode from Portland to Bend which is around 180 miles. Both trips I camped and in New Zealand I also stayed in backpacker hostels.
  • What do you hope to get out of this journey? I hope to wake up somewhere refreshing, like in a campground near the ocean, many times over. I look forward to getting away from habits and exploring my "local" area in an intimate physical way. And I look forward to simply being responsible for myself and the spontaneity and routine that I will find in that. I look forward to meeting people and hearing their journey of choices along the way.

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