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Broken Group Islands

With the rare chance to visit Vancouver Island, there was no way I was going to miss out on the world class sea kayaking the island has to offer. I traveled west to Barkley Sound to explore the Broken Group Islands, an archipelago off the west coast of Vancouver Island.


For five days, I kayaked island to island, floating through the glassy calm straits and inlets of the sound, my Blackburn Barrier panniers tucked into the bow and stern hatches of my rented 16’ fiberglass sea kayak. Exploring the countless islands, islets,and rock outcroppings, I was greeted by seals playing by my side and majestic bald eagles diving into the sea, talons poised in anticipation, in hopes of snatching an unsuspecting snack.


In the silence of the islands, I found my ears gained a new heightened sensitivity. The depth and tone of each distinct sound echoed across the water and bounced off the trees. The song of the birds traveled from island to island as eagles’ powerful wings beat and propelled themselves through the air.


On the last evening,nestled into a nook where the forest meets the sand, I set camp on Hand Island.As the summer sun set at a late 11pm and the tide rose a dramatic ten feet, a representative of the Tseshaht First Nation visited the island, retelling magnificent stories of the creation of the islands and the legendary skill the Tseshaht possessed in whale hunting. Amazingly, it was one mans job to leap into the icy water after the whale was speared to sew the whales lips shut as to stop the whale from swallowing water. After a success,they would line their beaches with the skeletons of their kills to scare and impress neighboring tribes as they paddled by their island.


On the fifth day, a blanket of clouds tore itself apart, the sun ripping them into fluff.  Now with little need for a compass, I checked my sea chart and caught the wind and the tide in perfect unison back to the mainland of Vancouver Island.


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Shayne Khajehnoori

Gear List

- My Blackburn Gear -


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Shayne Khajehnoori
  • The inspiration for my upcoming cycling and paddling adventure is rooted in my desire for exploration, both internally and externally. I am able to better fully understand myself and learn from others as well as my environment when I launch myself into the unknown. The excitement lies in every rotation of the cranks, every untraveled road, and every unexplored river and coast. Adventure is the currency that I barter in, and my bike, my trading post.

    Over the last four years, I have embarked on several multi-day bicycle and bike-rafting tours throughout the west coast including the Humboldt Redwoods, the Northern California coast, and the Olympic Peninsula. My personal highlight was bike-rafting from Seattle to Portland via the Olympic Peninsula. With my packraft carefully nestled atop my rear rack, restlessly waiting for inflation, I was able to mix adventure cycling with some hair-raising whitewater paddling on several rivers on my way through the Washington. This upcoming trip, I am excited to revisit these same waterways and explore more as I head south through Oregon and California.

    I have several goals for my trip, all challenging in their own way. As I disconnect from the habitual daily rituals that dictate my current life schedule, I gladly welcome the ability to set aside time and energy to focus on self-exploration and development through writing, photography, videography, breathing and meditation. My goal is not to log a hundred miles a day or climb 5000 feet a day, but to allow myself to stay open and seek out new experiences, people, thrills, and uncertainties.

    This coastal journey from Canada to Mexico will undoubtedly be a life altering event. Through my communion with my bike, packraft and the environment around me, I hope to learn something new every step of the way. My focus does not solely rest on what I can get out of this journey, but also on what I can give. A poem, a picture, a prayer, a smile, a hug, an inspirational glimpse at adventure. I hope to open myself up in a way where I am in a position to give as well as receive, to equitably exchange knowledge, joy and energy with people and my surroundings.
  • What’s in my bag? Packraft - This is the best way for me to get off the road and explore more remote areas.

    Cameras (Canon 60D & GoPro Hero 4 Black) - These are absolutely essential tools for documenting the adventure ahead.

    Fishing pole - I’m hoping to snag some surfperch and rockfish.

    Homemade, homegrown, organic healing salve - A combination of calendula, yarrow, comfrey, and plantain from my garden, infused in coconut oil with a bit of arnica oil and lavender essential oils. Great for cuts, abrasions, sun burn, sore muscles, or giving a massage.

    Recorder - A simple musical instrument. Nothing like busting out a Disney show-tune around the campfire.


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