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I`ve been preparing for this trip for about a month.Researching some of the finer points of the trip started with somehead-scratching and vague guesses of what would work. As the time went on,I found that I just had to make decisions knowing that it wasn`t the right way,just A way. There are so many different ways to do this trip:ultra-lightweight (no stove, water purifier, no tent), theeverything-but-the-kitchen sink way, and everything in between.  I fallsomewhere in between. 


I had a lot of fun knolling all the gear, and then makingtime-lapse videos packing it all up.  I think I actually packed fasterknowing that I was filming myself.  Knowing how slow I can be in thisarena, I think it was a blessing.

Somehow, I will fit all of this on my bike and my ridingpartner`s bike. (I am riding with friends until Colorado, at which point I willhave to pair down so I can fit EVERYTHING on my bike.)  


In preparation for the trip, I put together a generator hub,which I think will be a really rad way to charge the phone and other devices(iPhone , external battery pack, etc.). I was trying to avoid being a slave tothe outlet when I get to town... only a slave to finding high caloriefoods. 


So for now, I'm dreaming about the Canadian Rockies, and Ican`t wait to rip down the GDMBR on the Niner.  I`ve found that theBlackburn soft pack bags coupled with the SIR9 really afford a freedom that is uncommon. Being able to go off road with all my gear is just... the best. 


Fingers crossed for mostly sunny skies and tailwinds! 





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Amanda Delcore
  • Genesis moment for the trip I was visiting the Radavist website and I saw the Blackburn #outthere banner ad. Congratulations… the marketing worked. I was probably at work, day-dreaming, like most outdoor enthusiasts. I had always wanted to hike the Continental Divide in Colorado… Prior to learning about the Blackburn Ranger program, I even blocked out a month in my work calendar to hike the CDT in a sort of act of defiance. Seeing the Blackburn Ranger program got me thinking… why not bike it? I did some research, I admittedly didn’t contemplate the consequences, and started scheming furiously about how to make a killer application video.
  • Have I traveled by bike in the past? Yes I bike toured parts of Maine and New Hampshire solo. I biked from Portland, Maine to the White Mountains of New Hampshire; I camped, did day-trip summits in the morning and rode to the next spot in the afternoon. I also bike toured the Blue Ridge Parkway in early spring.
  • Goal for the route? I’m not one much for goals. I shy away from formally setting goals, because I find that reward is fleeting and there’s not much else to do but set a new goal. And in units of time, the route to achieving a goal is almost the entirety of the experience. For me, the real reward is the process of following an interest or a curiosity. I am interested in inspiring other females to bikepack; to this end I’m running a Women’s Bikepacking Series in my hometown of Philadelphia. I am curious to see if I can replicate this series in some way during the tour. I am also keen to ride with friends and make new connections in the cycling community; as a start, there are at least three different people riding with me during different parts of the trip.
  • Hope to get out of the journey? A deeper understanding of myself and my capabilities. I hope to learn how to endure the extremes of nature and everything in between. I think much of our lives are setup to spend most of the day indoors, and we miss out on how pleasant and how ugly nature can be. On this trip there will be mornings that are cool, clear, and sunny, but there will also be afternoons of thunderstorms or intense heat. I hope to gain an appreciation for the full spectrum of nature and the patience to roll with it.
  • What’s in my bag? I’m not there yet in my packing…. : / I think they are going to be my lumbar pack, a thumb piano or another tiny musical instrument, a bandana, and ??? I’ll try to figure this part out in the next week and a half.


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